Neil Henderson


Dear Neil, 


I'm sending you this email to express how grateful I am to have met you through Jay! You have been so patient, caring and up front with me when it came to choosing a home right for me. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you so much for guiding through one of the largest investments that I had to make so far, my first home! I will let you know when I'm ready to sell this one! 

Mirian Young Fall 2019


Dear Neil,


We thank you for getting us into apt. 1208 in 33 Empress..

You are a great strategist and a super sales rep..the very best at both those things! You amazingly gave me the help far beyond the call of duty!

Walter Gold 2018


 Dear Neil,


I want you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism, dedication and passion you put into your work! Thank you so much for your help with selling my house...

Mihaela Smochina 2019  


Dear Neil,


Congratulations on the sale of our house. Loved your energy and passion, certainly were invested and we appreciate it so much.” 

Fisher  2019



You are a great strategist and a super sales rep.. the very best at both these things! You amazingly gave me the help we needed…far beyond the call of duty! 

Many thanks,

Walter Gold

Neil, you made these two poor senior geezers so happy, you will never know.


Hopefully all this goes as planned, so the few years we have left on the "green side of the grass", with God's help, of course, we will be financially secure, and Nancy can finally take her long awaited and planned trip to her Homeland.


Nancy and Serge (handshake from Serge and 10 hugs and few tears of joy from Nancy)

I would like to thank you folks at Re/Max, especially Neil on the successful closing of our home.

As first time homebuyers, this is very new to us. We had a lot of questions, and a lot to learn. It makes the process much easier when you have someone as patient and knowledgeable as Neil guiding you.

Rick Patel (and Anjana Mungra)

We are truly happy that Johnny and Catherine recommended you to us. The thought of going through the process of selling made us very anxious and overwhelmingly concerned. We would never forget our first meeting at home. We were certain we would not go for any agent who could not agree to our conditions and the selling price that we want. However, with your thorough presentation and analyzation of today’s situation you opened our eyes to the true facts and brought logic and practical sense to help us make an informed decision. And truly, that was all we needed! We knew right there and then that you were the perfect man for the job. One who is very passionate about his profession, knowledgeable and most of allgenuinely caring and considerate of his clients. You went through the process carefully with us, gave us the proper advises and explained strategies to help us achieve our task of selling successfully. You never failed to address any of our concerns and continued to reassure us even when things almost seemed weary.

You truly have become an important person in our lives. We would never forget you and we’ll surely keep you in our thoughts. We will HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to anyone we may know in the future that may need your service.

Pascual Family

I can confidently say that you my friend are the cream of the crop in your field. It’s a pleasure watching you in action dealing with the other agents as they just don’t stand a chance against your knowledge, dedication, analytical skills, experience and of course charm.

We know that no other agent would have been able to get us that price and that’s why from day one we knew you were our guy!!!

…for if I can walk away with a quarter of what you have I know I will be very successful. We not only consider your our one and only agent-but a very close friend.

David and Alexandra Alicandri

Please be assured that we will not hesitate for a minute forwardingyour name as a reference to friends and business colleagues when searching for a knowledgeable and professional realtor to sell their home.

Allen Chankowsky and Karen Seligman

We didn’t really get a sense of how good you are, until we actually got to work with you. Your wealth of knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail and confidence allowed us to feel like we had the right agent for the job. Here’s where you really impressed us. You did exactly what you said you were going to do. Everything happened like you wrote the script yourself. We think that you even set a record for selling the house in less than 48HRS!!!!!!

We felt like we were being taken care of by one of our own family members. Neil, we want to thank you for making the sale of our house smooth and worry free. Not only would we use your services again, but we will definitely pass your name on to anyone who needs a great real estate agent!

Kerry & Jaimie

Let me begin by saying thank you foryour Realty, Legal, Financial and Home Improvement advice.

You have made the entire home purchasing experience a simple and pleasant one for us, especially when we did not have any prior experience.

Ghassan & Seema

Whether it was selling my townhouse in Brooklin or buying the condo in Toronto. During that whole process, there was a nice blend of fun, trust and dedication on your part that every customer deserves.

You have shown once more by your professionalism, dedication, honesty and hard work and have reinforced in me the feeling that as long as I live in Canada, you are the only choice to call when selling or buying property. I almost feel sorry for customers who don’t know about you and the kind of stellar service you provide.

I wish to thank you for your wonderful efforts, personality, integrity and deep knowledge

of this business that once more has paid off for my needs.

Ginette Golden

I appreciated the fact that you walked us through a number of strategies and helped us choose the right one for the sale of our home. You showed your professionalism throughout the sale process. I appreciated the constant feedback, after each showing and the follow-ups you did which each broker.

I have used real-estate agents in the past, which cared more for the listing and then you hardly heard from them.

Again, I appreciate the work you did and would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. I will call you when we are in the market to look for our next home

Martin Lablong

We are looking forward to working with you once again in the very near future and congratulate your degree of professionalism.

Once again, we are grateful for your extraordinary effort

HomeLife/City Hill Realty Inc.

From the outset you were absolutely meticulous in your approach and professionalism. You built a strategy and a plan that was extremely well suited to us!

As busy professionals our time was at a premium from the outset and you ensured that our time

was well spent.

It is a real treat to deal with a professional such as you and in the future I would be pleased to provide a reference for any new/prospective clients.

The way bottom line, we love our home and wish to thank you or all of your hard work and support.

John and Cheryl

You just shine way above everyone else and people wonder why I have kept you as my real estate agent for all these years.

You just know how to strategize on both end of the spectrum. Your dedication and know how never ceases to amaze me. As tiring as it is to sell, move and buy again, I am almost looking forward to the next deal as it is always a teaming experience with you.

How can they teach you on the amount of caring or the extra mile you go for your clients? This is not something you can learn from a manual. You have the ability or you don’t and you my dear friend, you sure have that knack to deal with people by being a master at sizing up a situation and acting on it.

Ginette Golden